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Williams Engineering is proud to become a leader in the effort to conserve our planet’s natural resouces.
For every 10 sq.ft. of solar panel our country saves one barrel of oil per year. Not only that but the
system can reduce electric bills by 30 - 70%. Government and electric utility subsidies are available
and can substantially reduce the cost of purchase and installation.

Subsidies are available for a limited time. Call Williams Engineering for more information.
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How solar panels work

In the 1950’s Bell Laboratories started using silicon to produce cells that would convert 4% of the energy in sunlight to electricity. Within a few years these photovoltaic (PV) cells were being used to power orbiting satellites.

Photovoltaic cells are made up of a semiconductor material, usually silicon. When sunlight strikes the cell a certain portion is absorbed into the silicon. Other materials embedded in the silicon then react by releasing positive and negative electrons. The freed electrons create a current that is channeled to a cell that can draw electrical current for external use.




Government and utility company subsidies have now made solar energy much more affordable. Depending on your usage solar panels will pay for themselves in approximately ten - fifteen years through reduced utility bills.
Residential and commercial applications
UL, CE, TUV and IEC lab certified to meet the strictest requirements for safety and reliability
Durable contruction withstands the harshest elements
25 year transferable warranty
Designed to reduce energy usage by 30-70%

Click here to se an example of typical cost savings



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